Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoos by Atlanta Good Ink

Japanese tattoos, otherwise known as Irezumi, have been popular for centuries. Today, Japanese tattoos have risen in popularity, becoming highly sought-after worldwide. Japanese designs feature a range of motifs, spanning animals and mythical creatures to religious imagery. We specialize in Japanese tattoos and strive to create the most beautiful pieces that capture all their intricacy and symbolism. Our Japanese tattoo artists have spent years mastering this ancient art form, ensuring each piece is unique and meticulously detailed. Japanese tattoos are perfect for expressing individuality and honoring Japanese culture through timeless symbols like dragons and playful designs like koi carp fish. With our expertise in Japanese tattoos, we want to help you design something unique by infusing heartfelt detail into your masterpiece! In addition, we offer portrait tattoos in various styles and sizes. Schedule an appointment today at our tattoo shop!